Back to the Basics

Our “back to basics” philosophy means that our biscuits are genuine health food products made according to traditional methods. As in the case of natural health food products, Eco Biscuits is dedicated to producing organic biscuits rich in grain and fibre material, without any beet or cane sugar added.
Our biscuits are sweetened exclusively with cereal and fruit syrups, such as agave syrup, rice syrup and corn syrup. In addition to natural polysugars, these sweeteners contain a number of vitamins and minerals, so they are healthy as well as delicious. Moreover, biscuits sweetened with coconut blossom sugar have been part of our range since the end of 2013. This sugar has a low glycaemic index and is teeming with antioxidants. Organic cane sugar is used only upon request, under a private label. Furthermore, Eco Biscuits uses only vegetable ingredients. All animal-based ingredients are avoided with the exception of eggs where strictly required. A real vegan product, in other words!

Between ideology and commerce

Eco Biscuits is keen to strike a balance between modernisation, marketing and the preservation of time-honoured health food traditions. It accordingly invests in modern production methods and packaging technology, whilst focusing on a number of qualities prized by consumers:
- Organic
- Sweetened with cereal and fruit syrups
- Exclusive use of vegetable fats
- Ecological packaging
- A fair price

Tastes change

The biscuits must be tasty first and foremost. A great deal of attention is consequently paid to taste, which is constantly monitored by Eco Biscuits. Tastes are constantly changing, so the company is always looking for innovative products consumers appreciate, without any beet or cane sugar added.


Eco Biscuits products are packaged per piece, per box or in bulk.

Organic products

Agricultural and livestock breeding methods
Manuring: predominantly fertilisers Organic manure and green manuring
Use of toxic pesticides Vegetable, non-toxic crop protection (e.g. ichneumon wasps)
Monoculture, resulting in soil exhaustion Crop rotation on a regular basis
Unfriendly livestock breeding (battery cages, pig breeding industry, etc.) Animals are provided with space; usually very animal-friendly
Origin and composition of feed nearly always unknown Organic feedstuffs


Use of chemicals, aromatics, colorants and flavourings No aromatics, colorants or flavourings
Use of chemical preservatives No preservatives


Supervision by the Ministry of Agriculture Supervision by the Ministry of Agriculture and by a body (accredited by the ministry) for the organic origin of ingredients
  Said body issues the organic label. TÜV NORD INTEGRA